Saturday, January 7, 2012

Creating an Ultrastar Deluxe Song - Part II

Part II: Basic Text File Edits

If you are completely new to this, you should refer to Creating an Ultrastar Deluxe Song - Part I: Generating a Text File first, as this will walk you through getting a text file made to edit. I also recommend reading my write up about the text file, UltraStar Deluxe - Understanding the Text File.

If you already have a text file ready to edit (these text files can be downloaded, and are usually, but not always, ready to be used with minor edits), read on.

You will not need to have UltraStar open yet. This first part is all done outside.

In your UltraStar Deluxe directory, there is a sub-directory called "songs". This is the directory your songs are stored in.

Make a new folder for the track you are going to create. If you'll remember, mine is Genesis - The Carpet Crawlers '99.

Into your newly created folder you're going to want to add our recently generated text file along with an mp3 of the song.

*As a side note, and this threw me a few times as a noob... this mp3 has to be a CBR, or constant bit rate. A VBR (variable bit rate) will not work.

This will be enough to get you going for now. Yes, I renamed my .txt file. You can do the same.

 Open your .txt file. And you know, now would be a really good time to replace your crappy Windows notepad with an awesome one. If you want, download Notepad++  here.

See the little header in the file? Go ahead and enter your information in the first 3 lines, like so, ignoring BPM and GAP for now:
Did you enter the mp3 name perfectly correct? If you make even one mistake, add a space anywhere, your song WILL not load.

While we are here, and before we can run USDX and see our song in it's infancy, you must add a break somewhere. Look for a large break in the first column of numbers and add a break like this: 

See the - 35? Add a break like that one, in sequence, about that early. This number will be the first note switch screen. These numbers are what tells UltraStar to end one screen and go to another.

Once these edits are made, save your file. You can now go into UltraStar Deluxe and your song should be there, where it is listed will depend on how you sort your library.

Coming soon: Part III: Advanced Text File Edits


  1. Will you be doing the third part of this tutorial? I've found this to be the most logical and most helpful explanation so far.

    I'm planning on making a lot of songs for J-pop and K-pop fans, so as long as I can get the basics going I can help to revive the Ultrastar scene. Of course, I'll be crediting your tutorial all over the place too, if you don't mind!

  2. Hi, Shi-na! Sorry I haven't gotten back to you - I do intend to pick up where I left off... very soon. It's summertime for me, which means haunt season is coming up soon, which means I'm busy in the web and print design world. Do keep checking back and posting any questions if you have them. Feedback will help me write an even better third installment on the USDX tutorials.