Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Adding Contact, Claim, Report button to custom SobiPro Template

In SobiPro, by default, the contact, claim, and report links all show up as input buttons.

That's all well and good, until you want to make your own template. I searched for three days before finally figuring out how to make the contact and claim forms in SobiPro a button instead of a form that shows up on a listing!

Here's the code you'll need to insert in details.xsl:

You will need to change the class and field names to suit your own from your CSS and fields manager, respectively.


  1. Hello, thank for your post. My fields name is "field_kontakt" what i hav to change it in the code?

  2. If you copy and paste my code, you'll want to swap "field_contact_author" with "field_kontakt".

    Good luck!

  3. il change to ...id=field_kontakt_button class="spFieldsData field_kontakt" type=button value=Contact> but they dont work, Error 500 :-(

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  5. select="entry/fields/field_kontakt/data">

  6. That's weird that you're getting a 500 error when it should just be a parse error. Have you for certain closed your tags properly?

    1. Maybe you can help me, do you have email? Send me an Email to "wiederkehr AT hotmail.ch"

  7. What I am getting is a blank screen. The form is not showing up.